Proxmark 3 RDV4

Device Background

The Proxmark 3 RDV4 is the latest revision of the Proxmark 3 Platform. It is designed and manufactured by RRG, a company formed by four people instrumental to the Proxmark 3 including:

  • Chris Hermann (iceman) - Moderator of the proxmark forums
  • Kevin (0xFFFF) - Moderator of the proxmark forums

The RDV 4 revision represents a highly optimised piece of hardware specifically designed for the pen-testing community:

  • Covert: Fits easily into a hand and pocket
  • Modular: Rapidly switch pre-tuned antennas for more range when in the field
  • Intuiative: Multiple Status LEDs for at-a-glance status checking
  • Android Compatible: Works with Project Walrus for automated red-teaming
  • Expandable: BLE/Wifi module expansion capability for automated data egress

Device Characteristics

  • Smallest Proxmark Ever: 54 x 87 x 10mm
  • Internalised, Pre-tuned antennas
  • SIM/Smart card reader
  • Miniaturised ABS case
  • Expandable Framework:
    • Hot-swappable mid and long range antennas
    • BLE/Wifi module compatible

Technical Specifications

  • CPU SAM7S512
  • Storage External 2MBits / 256Kb SPI flash
  • Interface 4x power LEDs, 4x mode LEDs, 1x button.
  • Performance
    • LF (125KHz): 70mm @ 65V
    • HF (13.56MHz): 88mm @ 44V

Image Gallery

Proxmark 3 RDV 4 Presentation Video

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The Proxmark 3 RDV4 is current hardware and available for purchase. Please click here for official distributors.